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Without a doubt the primary thing you may see when signing in is the capacity to buy Warmane coins pick the cute, loveable, huggable panda race (you can do this regardless of whether you don't claim Mists of Pandaria). Truly, they may not be as cool as Blood Elves or some other gaudy looking race, however they're remarkable in their own specific manner from a gameplay outlook (regardless of whether it's physically difficult to make a thin panda). 

The Pandaren add enough new mechanics to the amusement to buy Warmane coins warrant an attempt, at any rate, particularly when combined with the new Monk class. Their passives are genuinely noteworthy, clearly actualized to influence you to need to level from 1-90 once more. You get twofold details from all around bolstered sustenance impacts (extraordinary for attacks), expanded cooking aptitude, twofold the very much refreshed involvement (clearly making it a luring new character decision), half fall harm, and a stagger. 

Be cautioned, however, the race itself in all probability won't offer you regarding legend in the event that you aren't as of now buy Warmane coins put resources into them. Though the Blood Elves, Worgen, and Goblins were at that point intensely interweaved in Warcraft's account from the get-go (regardless of whether it was because of strike supervisors like Kael'thas or prisons like Shadowfang Keep), the Pandaren (in spite of the fact that a staple of the establishment since Warcraft III) are a smidgen less imperative by and large, just like their beginning territory and initial legend.


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